Who We Are

Lifecycle is a compost and soil fertilizer supply company located in Southern Ontario, expanding product lines and locations within Ontario and Canada

The Benefits of Compost & Soil Fertilizer

Compost & Soil Fertilizers are high-quality soil amendments that deliver the essential ingredients for healthy soils.

The loop starts with the organic recycling and continues its journey through the composting process to its final stage, becoming an amendment to the agriculture community and you.  All stages contribute to closing the loop and benefiting not only the agricultureal community but society and the environment as a whole.

Why Use Our Compost & Soil fertilizers?


    Soil structure is enhanced by improvements in positive microbial activity, organic matter and optimal moisture retention.


    As the compost comes from source separated organics, it contains an abundance of nutrients to perfectly complement the soil and meet horticultural or agricultural needs.


    The slow release of nutrients ensures that your soil continues to be useful and provides long-term growth season after season.


    With more organic carbon available in the compost, nutrients are more likely to be stabilized and plant-available water contained in the long-run.

Our Compost is Source Separated Organics material derived from food scraps, as well as leaf and yard trimmings coming from green bin recycling programs. The compost plant in Hamilton services the City of Hamilton, Halton Region and Simcoe County green bin programs. These programs do not accept plastic bags, hygiene products, diapers, human/pet waste or biosolids. Once raw feedstock is brought to the facility, it goes through a detailed testing program, pasteurization process, and advanced screening process before it is produced into compost.

These processes allow the compost to be certified as Ontario’s highest grade of unrestricted compost – being high in organic matter and water retention capabilities.

To learn more about what value added Soil Fertilizers we can offer please visit the Value-Added Products page.

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